DPRK Study Guide

An overview of the most informative articles/videos/pictures/documentaries/etc. I have come across so far regarding the DPRK.


Understanding North Korea

Crucial introductory read on the DPRK’s historical background.

Interview: Understanding and Defending North Korea

Very insightful must read interview with Yongho Thae, Minister of the DPRK embassy in London.

North Korean diplomat on the Syrian War

North Korea Foreign Minister On What Is Needed For Negatiations With US

My trip to North Korea: 13 misconceptions corrected

DPRK mourning Fidel Castro

Bruce Cumings on the North Korean Economy

Korea’s Tricky Task: Digging Up Past Treachery

On the imperialist puppets who were installed by the US: Syngman Rhee and a legion of former collaborators with the Japanese colonialists.

North Korea Punished for Helping to Liberate Africa

How Black Panthers turned to North Korea in fight against US imperialism

The North Korea – Cuba Connection

Fidel Castro Says North Korea Sent Cuba Free Weapons During Cold War

America’s War against the people of Korea: The Historical Record of US War Crimes

North Korea: The Grand Deception Revealed

On Smoking Weed in North Korea

A Lot Of What You Know About North Korea Is Racist Nonsense

The Importance of International Solidarity: DPRK’s Support for Hezbollah

The Importance of International Solidarity: DPRK – Palestine

DPRK on Palestine

Kim Jong Il – a Friend of all Progressive Peoples

North Korea: an unlikely champion in the fight against climate change

The Dream Of North Korea Is Alive In West Africa

Interview: Thousands of North Korea Juche supporters exist in Nigeria

Freed American Matthew Miller: ‘I wanted to stay in North Korea’

North Korean Medical Care is Good

Health Care in North Korea

Brazen American Imperialist Aggressors: Seeing the World from the DPRK

North Korea, “Genocide by Sanctions”: UN Double Standards Pertaining to Sanctions and their Devastating Social Impacts

KNOW THE FACTS: North Korea lost close to 30% of its population as a result of US bombings in the 1950s

War Crimes Investigation of North Korea Ludicrous Beyond Words

North Korea, The UN, And War Propaganda

The origins of the DPRK: From Division to Reunification

Disabled North Korean musicians showcase talent on UK tour

The truth about North Korea: it’s booming

The Real Reason Washington is Worried about North Korea’s ICBM Test

North Korea will not use nuclear weapons first, says Kim Jong-un

Pyongyang: U.S. customs agents ‘mugged’ North Korean diplomats at JFK airport

North Korean defector returns home calling South ‘capitalist hell’

Why North Korea is developing nuclear weapons

North Korea still digging up U.S. bombs 64 years after the war

Expert Exposes Us Biological Warfare During Korean War

Why do North Korean defector testimonies so often fall apart?

South Korea boosts reward for defectors from North to $860,000

President Kim Il Sung’s Immortal Contributions to African Liberation

Why two North Korean defectors want to go back

Former defector back in North Korea describes ”painful” life in the South

Towards a concrete analysis of the DPRK

Exclusive: The Greek Who Lived in North Korea Tells Her Story

The North Korea Neither Trump Nor Western Media Wants the World to See

Why Latinx Must Defend the DPRK

Xi Jinping says Pyongyang, Beijing should develop ”sustainable” relations

Speech delivered by Nina Andreyeva at Kim Il Sung University in 1992 about the fall of the Soviet Union

S. Koreans Opposed To War On N. Korea Banned From Entering US

Between Sanctions, Drought and Tensions: How Bad is North Korea’s Food Situation?

North Korea is sitting on $6 trillion-$10 trillion of untapped minerals

North Korea in the eyes of Turkey’s Socialists

Kim Il Sung and Salvador Allende

NK envoy: We want peace but ready for war with US

Cuba, N. Korea unite in rejecting ‘unilateral & arbitrary’ US pressure

North Korea’s bitcoin crash course has experts worried

The Social and Economic Achievements of North Korea

After fleeing North Korea, some defectors want to go back to life under Kim Jong-un

Interview with the Norwegian coach of the DPRK men’s football team who lives in Pyongyang

The Present Situation in the DPRK

The Hypocrisy of Western Aggression Against Korea: from Truman to Trump

U.S. Military Used Christian NGO as Front for North Korea Espionage

Zombie Nation? ‘Executed’ North Koreans return to life

North Korean defector confesses to murder

The Olympics Has Exposed Every US Lie About North Korea

North Korea Calls Trump Administration Racist Billionaires’ Club (Full paper on which this article is based here: White Paper on the Human Rights Violations in the US in 2017)

Syria and DPRK: An excellent example of strong bilateral cooperation

North Korean Special Forces in Syria; A Look at Pyongyang’s Assistance to Damascus’ Counterinsurgency Operations

Jeju Island marks 70th anniversary of 1948 massacres

Kim Jong Un’s speech during his visit to China in March 2018

Xi Jinping, Kim Jong Un hold talks in Dalian

Twelve north Korean waitresses kidnapped in operation by south Korean spy agency

Comrades-in-arms: The DPRK and Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution

Pyongyang officials go to study China reforms

Dermot Hudson on North Korea’s Motives and Likely Moves in Negotiations

”Advancing the cause of socialism”: The DPRK and the Cuban Revolution

A Conversation with a North Korean citizen

Standing against Zionism: the DPRK’s support for Palestinian Liberation

The ”same trench of the anti-imperialist struggle”: DPRK’s solidarity with Syria

Kim Jong Un pays tribute to martyrs of Chinese People’s Volunteers

‘We can’t use Korean names’: Japan’s large pro-Pyongyang diaspora lives amid suspicion & isolation

North Korea’s economy grows 3.7% in 2017: professor

Cuban Military Modernisation Underway – With Full Russian and North Korean Support


My Brothers and Sisters in the North

Best documentary on the DPRK I have seen from a non-DPRK source, depicting everyday life of the working class in the DPRK, including soldiers, water park workers, students, teachers, football coaches, painters, textile workers and farmers

The Propaganda Game (also available on Netflix)

Good introductory documentary that shatters some of the most blatant imperialist propaganda. Still has to be viewed critically, as the Western ‘experts’ in it make their living from being dishonest.

The Haircut

Best political commentators of this moment, check out their other videos as well.

The West Through the Eyes of North Korea

The Happiest People on Earth

Crossing The Line

They Choose China

My Socialist Country

Korea: The Imposed Divide

An African-American’s Journal Inside North Korea

Short documentary on the DPRK made by journalist Andre Vltchek

Homegrown Outcasts: North Koreans in Japan

Loyal Citizens of Pyongyang in Seoul


Living in North Korea: Greek woman who lived in the DPRK for two years

Must watch, incredibly informative.

North Korean Propaganda: A Cavalcade of Comedy

The propaganda war against North Korea

Eid Al-Fitr in North Korea | Muslim in North Korea

Surfing in North Korea

North Korean Smartphone

Why do North Korean defectors keep changing their stories?

Press TV in the DPRK: videos on various subjects

Mr. Kim from the DPRK embassy in London gives a speech on the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution

Sons of US defector to North Korea James Dresnok speak out after father’s death

Eva Bartlett speaks on North Korea & Syria

Women’s Status in the DPRK


KCNA Watch

DPRK news articles directly translated to English. DPRK media are generally far more truthful than Western media, see for instance this article on the US war on terror or this one on how the West caused the world’s biggest refugee crisis.

Rodong Sinmun

More news, official DPRK site.

The Pyongyang Times

More news, official DPRK site.


More news, official DPRK site.

Explore DPRK

Big archive of around 500 works of art from the DPRK

World malnutrition death rates, with the DPRK ranked #95

Pyongyang International Film Festival

Official DPRK Tourism Site

International Network for the Defence of Socialist Korea


Governmental structure

Constitution of the DPRK

Elections in the socialist motherland: democracy in the DPRK

Democracy: US vs DPRK – Towards Annihilation of a Narrative

Korea Resilient! Socialism in Democratic Korea

Socialism and Democracy in the DPRK

Understanding the Workers’ Party of Korea


Official DPRK site with free books, periodicals, pictures, leaflets, etc.

Greatest source there is for books about all kinds of DPRK related subjects.

Korea DPR E-Library

Large collection of Juche texts.

Kim Il Sung on Marxists.org

Handful of Kim Il Sung texts.

Kim Jong Un Aphorisms

Kim Jong Il – Socialism is a Science

Kim Jong Il – On the Juche Idea

Juche Idea: Answer to Hundred Questions

Kim Il Sung on his father Kim Hyong Jik, who was a leading figure in the national liberation movement and steered them towards Communism

Kim Jong Il – On Having a Correct Understanding of Nationalism

Kim Il Sung – For the Independent, Peaceful Reunification of Korea